NYCHA Recycles!

To comply with the City’s recycling law, NYCHA, in partnership with DSNY, rolled-out metal, glass, plastic and paper recycling bins and designated recycling areas available to all NYCHA residents. The recycling effort began at five NYCHA developments in spring 2015, followed by a rollout to all other NYCHA’s developments by the end of 2016. This effort was only the first step in building a robust recycling program for NYCHA residents. As outlined in the NYCHA Waste Management Plan, NYCHA is working to boost recycling rates across its portfolio by making recycling more convenient for residents. NYCHA and DSNY are also piloting electronics and bulk-waste recycling at select developments and exploring programs for textile upcycling and food waste composting through DSNY’s brown bin program.

NYCHA 2.0 Waste Management Plan

Waste management is one of the most important and complex challenges that NYCHA faces. The NYCHA 2.0 Waste Management Plan, released in April 2019, presents NYCHA’s comprehensive approach to make buildings and grounds visibly clean and free of pests by 2025. The Plan’s goals are guided by the following vision for a clean NYCHA:

  • NYCHA campuses should be free of visible garbage, litter, and Pests
  • Residents should have convenient and clearly marked locations to deposit garbage of all types, including recyclables and food waste
  • Waste management infrastructure should be well-maintained, adequate for the volume of waste, and state-of-the-art wherever possible

In this spirit, the Plan outlines twelve distinct waste management initiatives that deliver on the promise of the 2015 NextGeneration NYCHA commitment to safe, clean, and connected communities and support the City’s goal to send Zero Waste to Landfill by 2030.