The Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety (MAP), an initiative led by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ), is a groundbreaking approach to neighborhood public safety and crime reduction. The MAP model strives to address factors underlying public safety—enhancing opportunities for work and play, health and well-being and youth development; promoting well-designed spaces that are active and maintained; and improving trust between neighbors and with a responsive and just government.

Through MAP’s fundamental organizing process, NeighborhoodStat, partner agencies and residents come together for joint problem identification and the testing of solutions that enable system-wide change. The innovative NeighborhoodStat meetings have served as a platform for resident stakeholders and City agency partners to work together to enhance public safety. In St. Nicholas Houses, NeighborhoodStat is being implemented in partnership with MAP Engagement Coordinators (MEC) from the Center for Court Innovation, who is responsible for facilitating a process for identifying systemic issues at each development and executing action planning to address those issues.

As part of MAP, St. Nicholas Houses residents and NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers have been trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a multidisciplinary approach to urban and environmental design that teaches trainees how to effectively develop solutions to address unsafe conditions in physical spaces within their developments. The St. Nicholas Houses stakeholder team developed a CPTED-informed Action Plan that promotes community safety by transforming public space in the development into a place for youth development – hosting a youth coding program that not only builds skills among young people but also results in technology products that serve as resources for the broader community.