Stakeholder Team Members

Glover Brown

Glover Brown is a stakeholder at St Nicholas Houses since 2017. I enjoy working with the youth and making our community better for everyone.

Jolyn Rattigan

Jolyn Rattigan is a MAP Stakeholder for the St. Nicholas Houses since February 2018 and a resident since 2011. She is also an Election Day Poll worker who has a Poll Worker Assignment Certificate as a BMD Clerk and is active in closing poll sites.

She also signed up for the Resident Watch Program in 2016 as a Co-Captain in her own building and attend monthly resident meetings at her local Senior Center to be more informed on her community. Ms. Rattigan, will continue to help improve the quality of life for all NYCHA residents.

Vangeline Harrison
Adele Braxton

Mayors Action Plan (MAP)

For the past few months a team of community members, under the name NeighborhoodStat (NStat), have been coordinating to address community concerns with the government intervention program MAP (Mayors Action Plan). The purpose of MAP is to create trust between neighbors and government to amplify community voice, increase fairness, and government responsiveness.

This program improves the relationships between residents and law enforcement through diversion programs for youth and re-entry support for residents who have had contact with the justice system. Programs include NeighborhoodStat Central, NeighborhoodStat Local, Conflict Mediation, The Office to Prevent Gun Violence, and Neighborhood Coordination Officers. MAP also aims to improve physical infrastructure, reducing crime hot spots, reducing litter while increasing stewardship, and training residents to be leaders about improvements to community safety and well-being.

To become a part the MAP Stakeholder Team, members will be asked to commit around 10 hours a month. Members will be asked to attend 3-4 activities that may include meetings, trainings, public events and/or community benefit projects. Members will receive a stipend and professional developmental training from experts around the city. Candidates should be passionate about helping the community, solution-oriented and willing to engage with others.